Glover Plumbing & Heating Service is a full service mechanical contractor that provides complete plumbing, gas, heating and ventilation maintenance on both an annual basis or on demand service.

Regularly scheduled maintenance brings numerous benefits to your business. First and foremost, it will keep your building comfortable all year round. It will also save you money with fewer problems, higher efficiency and increased equipment life.

Some of the items that should be checked and serviced on an annual bases:

  • Air conditioning and heating unit air filters and over all operation.
  • Repairing nuisance leaks before they become major problems.
  • Water filtration equipment for employees fresh water and process water.
  • Condensate drain lines, which if clogged could cause flooding.
  • Boilers and roof top units cleaned, inspected and efficiency checked.

Since 1990, Glover Plumbing & Heating Service has been committed to providing our clients with a quality, professional service. Call now to schedule an appointment.